Our services to families and entrepreneurs

You are responsible for the family estate or as an entrepreneur, are looking to obtain certain goals in life. This comes with a vast array of tasks, chores and administrative burden, enough to keep you awake at night. We support and advise you to the best of our abilities, all for a pre-determined fixed annual fee. Thus enabling you to take the right decisions for you and your loved ones.


Honesty first

The wealthier you are, the less likely people around you are to truly speak their minds. For us, honesty comes first, even if that means bringing you less positive news. We believe in an open relationship with our families. You are after all our client, not your money.

What you may expect from us:

  • no-nonsense approach, clear information flows
  • sincere attention to you, your family and your (financial) goals
  • pre-determined fee for all services
  • no polo picnics, simply the best and most bespoke services
  • institutional quality investment portfolios
  • a wide variety of available custodian banks and payment providers
  • better investment returns for the same risk because of our cost model
No hassle

No need to worry about anything

Being wealthy is wonderful, but along with its perks come worries and hassle. You have administrative, legal, fiscal, philanthropic and family matters to attend to and organize. Orchestra assumes responsibility for handling all tasks regarding your estate.

What you may expect from us:

  • Your entire financial situation, all managed on one intuitive platform: My Orchestra
  • Grip on all your assets and investments
  • Sleep enhancing services
  • Significant cost savings across your entire estate
  • Always in control of all decisions, just not in charge of all the hassle
Geen gedoe

Your personal expert by your side

We believe that simple portfolio management and clever investments only tells part of the story. You want someone to sit next to you, not opposite you. Someone who supports you in all matters related to the management of your estate.

What you may expect from us:

  • fully integrated administrative support of both your private finances as well as (all) holding companies and business interests
  • fiduciary management of all your investments
  • a direct link to someone who is sympathetic and responsive to your every needs
  • honesty and full discretion
  • all-encompassing family office services if required
  • access to our vast network of fiscal experts, notaries, solicitors and auditors

Wealth Management is much more!

Orchestra is the Wealth Manager who does it differently. We offer excellent administrative support, all-encompassing financial advice and professional investment management services for a pre-determined fix annual tariff. This enables us not only to service our clients on a much higher level, but we save families, endowment funds and other clients a lot of nuisances, hassle and above all, fortunes each year.