Our services to endowment funds and charities

For a fixed fee per annum, Orchestra supports you financially, administratively and with governance matters. We do this passionately and with great expertise. The result: reassurance for you as board member or trustee, more time and available budget to spend on your goals.


You are the client, not your funds

We charge a fixed annual fee, based not on how many funds you hold, but on our efforts to support you.

What you may expect from us:

  • discretionary management of your portfolio(s)
  • fiduciary management of all your (financial) interests
  • a wide variety of available custodian banks and payment providers
  • better investment returns for the same risk because of our cost model
No hassle

No more worries

To have complete control over ones affairs is vital to any charitable organization or endowment fund. But rules and regulations are on the up and the administrative organization ever more complex and time consuming. At Orchestra, we gladly assume all responsibility with regards to running your administration, keeping you compliant with government rules & regulations, implementing governance structures surrounding your organization and managing your assets.

What you may expect from us:

  • Your entire charity office online via our platform My Orchestra
  • Services ranging from annual statements to payment services
  • Fully integrated grant management and CRM software
  • An online dashboard that not only provides you with management information, but also logs all authorization procedures and stores all relevant documents
Geen gedoe

Grip on your organization

Despite running a solid administrative and a well-defined investment process, charitable organizations are regularly exposed to various risks. As a board member, you need to be able to rely on all information within the foundation, be it large or small(er). You want a firm grip on all your processes and subsequent risks. We offer integrated support in this area.

What you may expect from us:

  • proactive sparring partner for all financial and governmental matters
  • vast and up to date knowledge of charity legislation, reporting and accounting standards
  • Orchestra can assume the controlling role besides the administrative responsibilities
  • Clients are always in control, retain grip, as well as overall and ultimate responsibility, on all processes within their organization

Wealth Management is more than just portfolio management

Orchestra assumes responsibility for managing your entire estate. We offer excellent administrative support, all-encompassing financial advice and professional investment management services for a pre-determined fix annual tariff. This enables us not only to service our clients on a much higher level, but we save families, endowment funds and other clients a lot of nuisances, hassle and above all, fortunes each year.