As seasoned investment managers, we founded Orchestra in 2012, for the simple reason that it didn’t exist yet. We truly believe that the asset management industry’s model is flawed and we know from experience that there is great appetite amongst clients for a new take on the old model.

So what is so different about Orchestra? First of all, we offer wealth, investment and asset management across the entire spectrum of our clients’ universe. We are a fully-fledged family office for both families as well as charitable organisations and we assist in all financial, operational and governmental issues.

“We focus entirely on what our clients need, to be successful.”

Secondly, we address the earnings model of the wealth management industry. No more client based fees but a fair price for excellent service. We don’t organise golf days, we do not sponsor any art fairs, we simply focus on what our clients need from us to be successful. In short, we aim to re-invent Asset Management.

Our partners

Roderik Bolle

‘The system is flawed, time to do things differently.’

As treasurer of a large endowment fund and as an advisor to a number of families, I noticed that the asset managers were really only interested in selling me investment portfolios and solutions. Assistance or even advice in structuring other assets, financial administration, governance or fiscal matters had to be sourced elsewhere. On top of this, I found it inexplicable that fees were always based simply on a percentage of the assets, regardless of how “bespoke” the service. It was never about the clients but always about their wallet. That is why we started Orchestra. We are truly convinced that through our all-encompassing services, as well as our online platform, we can save families and charities time, money and hassle, thus instantly improving the risk-return on their investable assets. Just like I personally would want to be serviced as a client.

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Dave Price

‘Investment management starts with the essentials.’

As an investment manager, you carry significant responsibilities. Clients trust you to make the right decisions. In my opinion, you can only make these decisions if you are actively and closely involved in the ever-changing environment that your clients operate in. By setting clear and obtainable goals for the long term and by aiming for steady returns without allowing too much short-term distraction. When we started Orchestra, we wanted to go back to the basics, simplicity and honesty. The approach works, our clients see instant return improvement through our innovative pricing, which strengthens us in our belief that we are on the right track!

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Wouter Hofhuis

‘Altruism and business sense do go together well.’

We often meet with charitable organizations where the treasurer is more or less solely responsible for all administrative duties. Because of this, he or she is the only one who actually knows how the organizations is faring financially. The (voluntary) role of ambassador to the cause is thus quickly rendered impossible to combine with the administrative duties. At Orchestra, we do not want to just assume the investment manager role for a percentage of the assets; instead, we aim to make the client organizations more successful through optimisation of all processes and by implementing cost savings where possible. To me, this is the most compelling evidence of the relevance of our services: every day we contribute to our clients by saving them time and money they can now spend on the cause.

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