We support you in all financial matters, as well as on governance issues, whatever these may encompass. We do this with great expertise and with passion, for a pre-set, fixed fee per annum. The result: lower costs, hence, more budget, as well as compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. Most importantly, we free up more time for you to dedicate to the actual goals of your organisation.


We sell you no nonsense

If each year, your single largest donation goes to your asset manager instead of your cause, then something is not right. We feel it is much fairer to charge a fixed fee based on what we do for you instead of the assets you hold.

This is what you may expect from us:

  • bespoke portfolio management
  • effort based fee structure
  • a truthful, worthy sparring partner with a solid understanding of all your affairs
  • a no-nonsense approach to addressing your financial needs
  • clear communication and sincere attention to detail
  • genuine return improvement through our cost approach
Geen gedoe
No hassle

Eliminate any hassle

To have one’s affairs in order is important to any (charitable) organisation. But with ever more rules and regulations, as well as mounting public pressure, maintaining a proper administrative organisation has become very time consuming. Orchestra assumes responsibility for all hassle surrounding accounting, governance and investment management issues or worries.

This is what you may expect from us:

  • more time and available budget for your organization
  • integral financial accounting, from payment services to annual accounts
  • governance procedures adequately secured
  • you always retain control and ultimate responsibility but without the work load
  • choice between a multitude of custodian banks

Your goals dictate our efforts

To us, asset management is so much more than just investment management. We assume responsibility for the administration, your governance framework and all financial issues. You, of course, remain in full control. We make it as easy for you as possible by offering all your financial affairs on one online platform – your personal office.

This is what you may expect from us:

  • grip, 24/7 insight, assurance, peace of mind
  • integral financial and administrative support
  • risk management across all your assets
  • solid expertise in the fields of investments, fiscal structures, governance, compliance and legal issues
  • integrated CRM and grant application modules on our platform, payment processing and much, much more
  • acces to our inner circle of auditors, legal and fiscal advisors

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