Efficient and all-encompassing wealth management goes beyond investment management at Orchestra. We support and assist you in any relevant processes and help you obtain your financial and personal goals. Hands-on services and support combined with no-nonsense advice. All this for a fixed, reasonable, annual fee that – unlike other investment managers – does not grow simply because your wealth does.


Honesty first

The wealthier you are, the smaller the chance that people in your close vicinity will say what they really think and feel. For us, genuine and honest advice comes first, even if that opinion is a less positive one. We believe in an equitable business model when it comes to supporting and assisting wealthy families. Your money is not our client, you are.

This is what you may expect from us:

  • pre-determined, annual effort based fee
  • fully bespoke investment management
  • no gimmicks, just excellent service
  • no-nonsense approach, clear communication
  • sincere attention for you, your family, and your (financial) goals
  • genuine return improvement through our cost approach
Geen gedoe
No hassle

No more worries or concerns

Being wealthy is wonderful but comes with its own set of worries, hassles, and issues. You have administrative, legal, fiscal, charitable and family matters to tackle and organise. Orchestra assumes responsibility over anything that needs sorting out and takes away any worries you might have with regards to your Estate.

This is what you may expect from us:

  • online, 24/7 insight into all your personal affairs
  • all your (invested) assets accounted for
  • significant cost savings
  • you are always in control and retain the final say in all matters
  • choice between a multitude of custodian banks

Your personal expert by your side

We believe that simply offering smart investments does not cover your pallet of requirements and needs. You are better served by an expert who sits next to you at meetings instead of opposite you. A single point of contact to support you in all relevant matters, pertaining to your (family) wealth.

This is what you may expect from us:

  • integral financial and administrative support, both private and holding companies
  • control over all your investments and assets
  • a compassionate, personal advisor who acts soley on your behalf
  • honesty, sincerity and total discretion
  • full family office service, if required
  • acces to our inner circle of auditors, legal and fiscal advisors

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